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Panang Curry Paste

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Panang Curry Paste
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6 oz
Direction: Stir 1 heaping tbsp of THAI & TRUE Panang Curry Paste in 1 cup of coconut milk over medium heat until dissolved, add vegetables and/or tofu until cooked, add 1/2 to 3/4 cup of water and bring to boil.
Seasoning spices to taste and ready to serve. 
Refrigerate after opening.

Ingredients: Panang curry paste (dried red chili 20%, shallot, lemon grass, garlic, salt, galangal, kaffir lime zest, coriander seed, cumin powder), safflower oil, 100% freshly squeezed lemon juice, and cumin.
Contains: coriander seed and cumin powder

This product is GMO-free, Gluten-Free and Vegan.
Customer Reviews
Rating Awesome Paste!
This curry paste is very flavorful with a perfect balance of heat. My mother is usually very sensitive to garlic and hot chilies, but she's able to enjoy this curry without getting adverse reactions. I'm not sure whether it's the quality of the ingredients or the way they are prepared, but it has been a miracle for my mother, and for that we're very thankful.
  Reviewed by:   from Hawaii. on 10/9/2017
Rating Amazing flavor
I've had curry pastes and restaurant curries, and this is definitely at the top of the list on pastes and up there with my favorite restaurant curries. We've used it on coconut rice (cook rice in coconut milk) as a way for people to individually control the heat of their dish (we have people who want zero spice and people who love hot, so this is very helpful vs. making a whole dish seasoned the same way), but I won't lie, I'll add it to anything from noodles to instant mashed potatoes. So good!
  Reviewed by:   from Eugene, OR. on 4/22/2015
Rating Best curry paste
Thai and True curry pastes are the only ones worth buying, in my opinion. We fell in love with them when we lived in Oregon and now order to get them here in Colorado because nothing I've been able to find at local stores is even remotely close.
  Reviewed by:   from Denver, CO. on 3/26/2014
Rating Delicious
This is great for flavoring hummus. I also use it in vegetable soups but I buy it for hummus. While its certainly wonderful for Thai foods that include coconut, it has so many more uses. Just experiment. It'll never be bad!
  Reviewed by:   from Magdalena, NM. on 7/21/2013
Rating Panang Curry Paste
This is one of my favorite curry pastes to use. Use the recipe on the label and add light coconut milk to cut calories. You can use 2-3 tb to 1 can of light coconut milk. Add chicken and any desired veggies. Low in calories and very satisfying light version of my favorite Thai dish. Serve it over rice. Fantastic!
  Reviewed by:   from Anchorage Alaska. on 3/30/2013
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